The corrbits calculates bitwise correlation metrics, bit counts, and evaluates thermodynamic properties of binary strings. Please see corrbits documentation in PDF format for complete reference.


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Usage: corrbits
[-acdepsw] [-n threads] [-b buffer_size_bytes]
[-B begin_bit] [-E end_bit] [-m m_bit_len] [-l c_bit_len]
[-F first_result_set] [-L last_result_set] [-i interval_bits]
[-o off_bits] [-j jump_bits] [-P probability]
[-G factor] [file1] [file2]

[-n threads] option requires license key

corrbits executables available for download:
Linux 32-bitcorrbits_linux.tgz
Solaris 9 64-bitcorrbits_solaris9.tgz
AIX 5.3 64-bitcorrbits_aix53.tgz
MS Windows cygwin 32-bitcorrbits_cygwin.tgz

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