This is an RFC2131 and RFC1541 compliant DHCP client daemon. dhcpcd gets an IP address and other information from a corresponding DHCP server, configures the network interface automatically, and tries to renew the lease time according to RFC2131 or RFC1541 depending on the command line option. Please see the dhcpcd man page for complete description of command-line options.

dhcpcd-1.3 has been reported to compile and successfully used on Intel, PowerPC, and Alpha-based Linux platforms providing glibc-2.0.5 or later has been installed.

dhcpcd-1.3 has been reported as compatible with DHCP servers used by the following network service providers:

  1. Time Warner RoadRunner
  2. MediaOne, now AT&T BroadBand
  3. Comcast.Net, formely @Home Networks
  4. USWest.net DSL, now Qwest
  5. BellSouth ADSL
  6. Southwestern Bell DSL
  7. France Telecom ADSL
  8. France CyberCable
  9. BCtel Multimedia Gateway ADSL
  10. Cogeco Cable Canada
  11. Sympatico High Speed Edition ADSL
  12. Adelphia PowerLink
  13. Videotron, Canada
  14. Access Cable, Canada
  15. A2000 Cable, Netherlands
  16. Tele-Communications, Inc
  17. Telenet, Belgium
  18. Telekabel Wien, Austria
  19. RMCnet, France
  20. Retecal, Spain
  21. TVD, Belgium
  22. Optimum Online, NY
  23. Knology Comm.
  24. Highpernet, Switzeland
  25. TeledisNet, Belgium
  26. Brutele, Belgium
  27. Telus, Canada
  28. Chello, Netherlands
  29. RCN
  30. Pandora, Belgium
  31. Armstrong' Cable Services, PA
  32. 21st Century, Chicago
  33. Supercable, Spain
  34. Primacom, Germany
  35. Click! Network, WA
  36. Telocity, Cupertino, CA
  37. Charter Communications
  38. Tebenet, Netherlands
  39. ZoomTown, Cincinnati, OH
  40. Telecom New Zealand Jetstream ADSL
  41. Softcraft Impresa
  42. Quickline
  1. Belgacom Turboline ADSL
  2. ISP Channel
  3. Telia.Com, Sweden
  4. Netcabo, Portugal
  5. Tokyo Metallic Comm.
  6. Telenor, Norway
  7. Telstra, Australia
  8. Look Wireless, Montreal
  9. CyberCity xDSL, Denmark
  10. Virtua, Brazil
  11. Verizon DSL
  12. Sonera, Netherlands
  13. NTL, UK
  14. Telewest, UK
  15. VTR, Chile
  16. Millennium Digital Media
  17. Madritel, Spain
  18. Cistron Telecom, Netherlands
  19. Cox Express, Las Vegas
  20. Cablecom GMBH, Switzerland
  21. Elektro Ablasser Hausmannstaetten, Austria
  22. Kiva Networking, Indiana
  23. Blueyonder, UK
  24. Salzburg-Online, Austria
  25. Cablenet, Colombia
  26. i-Cable, Hong Kong
  27. Shaw High Speed, Canada
  28. Rogers Communications
  29. Chello, France
  30. Acesserapido, Brazil
  31. Wirefire
  32. Ajato, Brazil
  33. TDC/TeleDanmark, Denmark
  34. Telstra Bigpond Broadband ADSL, Australia
  35. Eastern Connecticut Cable
  36. ADSL Brazil Telecom
  37. Sonera, Finland
  38. InsightBB.com, IN
  39. S?derhamn Teknikpark AB, Sweden
  40. Tele 2, Sweden
  41. HTV-Welho, Finland
if you have been successfully using dhcpcd-1.3 on your network please report the fact along with network provider's name/URL/whatever and dhcpcd version to the author phystech@hotmail.com

dhcpcd-1.3 primary web and download sites are

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